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  • NO Graphic Design Skills Needed - no customization needed, just drag & drop. It's a done-for-you solution!
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  • 12-Month Tech Support Included - we're here to help with questions you may have
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Follow These 3 Easy Steps To Add A 'Double Exposure' Magic In Your Marketing



Just select any of these 250 ready-to-use stock images organized in different modules. So much selection!



Now load your selected image on your video, website, social media post or ad campaign. No customization needed - just copy, paste and resize as you like.



Within minutes you'll be able to enliven your marketing with a 'double exposure' style.

Adding These Stock Images On Your Video, Website Or Ad Is A Piece Of Cake!

Visual Marketing Is A MUST In Today's Internet Age

Based on the data below it's becoming more and more clear that not using visuals (for example stock images) in your marketing can lower your overall results.

Here is some interesting research:


Visual content is 40x more likely to be shared in social media in comparison to other content

Buffer, 2014


Colored visuals increase people's willingness to read content by 80%

Xerox, 2014


37% of marketers reported that visual marketing was second most important form of content (just behind blogging at 38%)

Social Media Examiner, 2016


74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing (above blogging and videos)

Social Media Examiner, 2016


4x as many consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it

Animoto, 2015


72% of businesses that use video believe that it has improved the conversion rate of their website

Wyzowl, 2016


Buying Stock Images Ain't That Cheap

Here's couple of the "solutions":

solution 1

Buy Stock Images On Sites Like ShutterStock or DepositPhotos

It can cost you $1, $4, $10 or more per one stock image (plus only some of them include some style effects like double exposure).

solution 2

Hire A Photographer To Do Custom Shots For You

It can cost you $25–$100 for one image shot by a student photographer [source]

solution 3

Shoot Photos Yourself

You can always use your camera or mobile phone to create your own photos. Still you may not get the same quality as a photographer and it can take time and effort.

What if I told you, you don't need any of that.

Imagine Being Able To Enliven Your Marketing Without Hefty Stock Image Prices In MINUTES... With Done-For-You 'Double Exposure' Stock Images

I created a top-notch bundle of stock images incorporating a fancy "double exposure effect".

They are versatile in use. Add them in different niches to your ad campaign, website or video.

Based on a Top Graphic Design Trends 2018: The Ultimate Guide article posted on a GraphicMama site it was stated: "...we definitely see a rise of double exposure designs which amaze the viewer"


Instant DExposure Stock is a top-notch bundle of stock images incorporating a still trendy "double exposure effect". It comes with 250 images in these formats: PNG (transparent background) and PSD (Photoshop file).

Double exposure effect mixes 2 photos or more to create a unique composition that can evoke more emotions, freshness and catch the attention.

These are NOT the typical stock images, but enhanced with the DOUBLE EXPOSURE MAGIC!

Get ready!

benefit 1


Catch the attention of the distracted viewers using fancy, attention-grabbing double exposure stock images. Follow the graphic design trend - don't be left behind!

benefit 2


Double exposure images can evoke more emotions by combining images in a new, unique way. It's different!

benefit 3


No editing or customization needed. Just copy these images to your website or video, and that's it! So simple.

benefit 4


Use these images for your videos, Powerpoint presentations, on your website, sales page, blog post, webinar, ecover, header, banner. So much choice!

Here's What You'll Get Inside




























Here Are Some Wonderful Ideas How You Can Use These Versatile Stock Images


Are You Impressed? Well, There Is More!


I am sure that after checking out the contents of this incredible, one-of-a-kind stock images pack you have already realized the IMMENSE value that it has.

Yet I want to absolutely overdeliver for you, that's why...

I'm About To Give Away 4 Bonuses
Absolutely FREE

BONUS #1 — 12-Month Free Tech Support

VALUE: $177.00
bonus 1

Did you get stuck at any point? Have problem editing your templates? No problem! Our support is here to help you with any technical problems.

BONUS #2 — Step-By-Step Video Training How To Use Your Stock Images

VALUE: $47.00

I'll show you behind my shoulder, step-by-step how to edit & customize your images.

BONUS #3 — Graphics Mystic Facebook Group

Imagine a place where you'll be able to get graphics for free. This facebook group is for everyone to share cool free resources, graphics, templates and other useful things.

BONUS #4 — 4 Powerpoint Video Ads Templates
Comes With Developer's Rights

VALUE: $40

Luxury Real Estate

Flat Promo

Square Video Ad 10

Social Banner Video Ad 10

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You May Expect To Pay $177, $297 Or Even $397 For Such A High-Quality Stock Images Pack...

I'll make it simple for you.

The actual cost for this one-of-a-kind stock images package could be well over: $300.00

Buying 100 images on DepositPhotos (in their On Demand plan) can cost you $299 . That's $2.99 per image.

On ShutterStock it's even more (Single Project plan).

Cheaper option is joining a DepositPhotos Flexible Plan for $29/month where you'll get credits for 30 images a month. But if you don't need that many images monthly it can be quite a waste.

You could also hire a photographer, but that can end up with $25-$100 per image.

Or shoot the photos yourself that can take time, effort and not always result in this professional feel.

Before I'm going to reveal to you my price, let's sum it up together.

Here's What You'll Get

What You'll Receive Number Of images Value
Module 1 - Animals 29 $87
Module 2 - Children 6 $18
Module 3 - Feelings/Emotions 19 $57
Module 4 - Futuristic 30 $90
Module 5 - Glamour 17 $51
Module 6 - Grunge 12 $36
Module 7 - Modern 46 $138
Module 8 - Nature 40 $120
Module 9 - Poses 51 $153
Bonus 1 - 12-Month Free Tech Support $177
Bonus 2 - Step-By-Step Video Training How To Use Your Stock Images $47
Bonus 3 - Graphics Mystic Facebook Group FREE
Bonus 4 - 4 Powerpoint Video Ads Templates $40
TOTAL VALUE 250 $1,014

Total Value Of This Incredible Product: $1,014!

Still you won't need to pay that, NOT EVEN a fraction of it...

Because these are non-exclusive stock images and will be used by many people, obviously the price will be much lower.

During The Launch Special Period, You Can Get Full Access To Instant DExposure Stock For...

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Regular: $27
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Regular: $27
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Instant DExposure Stock

Yes, for this affordable investmentjust 27 bucks you can grab your hands on this miraculous goldmine of the amazing double exposure stock images!

Just think about it for a second. You'll get a full access to 250 images for less than $0.070.11 EACH!

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60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Try Instant DExposure Stock risk-free for 60 days and if for any reason you won't be absolutely thrilled with these amazing double exposure stock images, just send a support ticket to www.graphicsmystic.com/support and I'll refund you every penny. No questions asked, no hassle!

Give it a try today!

Elbama Putra

Elbama Putra

Lucas Adamski

Lucas Adamski

Hurry Up - Claim Your Copy Now!

Regular: $27
Launch Price:
Regular: $27
Instant DExposure Stock









Frequently Asked Questions

  • What License Does It Come With?
  • What you CAN do:
    [YES] Can be used for your own projects
    [YES] Can be used in an unlimited amount of projects commercially

    What you CAN'T do:
    [NO] Can't be used for your client's projects
    [NO] Can't be given away
    [NO] Can't be sold
    [NO] Can't be offered as a bonus
    [NO] Can't be shared
    [NO] Can't be added to a membership site
  • Where Can I Get The Developer's License?
  • The main offer comes with a personal license. That means you can edit and use these images freely within your own projects. In order to get a developer's license, to use them for your client's work, you'll have to get the upgrade to this offer.

    After purchasing this product you'll see upsell #1 offer that gives developer's rights for $37. If you say "no" to this offer, you'll see a downsell #1 offer that also gives developer's rights, but for $27 (with less additional images).

  • What's The Licenses For The Used Photos & Fonts?
  • The used photos come from sites: Pexels and Pixabay. They come with a public domain license (Creative Commons CC0) - meaning you should be able to use and edit them freely for commercial purposes with no attribution required. Still, some restrictions may be applied based on a photo type and you may not be able to use them for any purpose you like: (read more) and (read more). Links to the used public domain photos are provided.

    The fonts are free to be used commercially with no attribution required and links to download them are provided.

  • Do You Provide Any Support/Training?
  • YES, absolutely! Once you get your package you'll receive a video training where I'll show how to edit your stock images. If you have additional questions, just send a support ticket and you'll get an answer shortly from me or my team.
  • Does It Work On Mac/Windows?
  • The images can be opened and used on Mac and Windows.
  • What File Formats Does It Come With?
  • The images come in 2 formats: PNG (transparent background) and PSD (Photoshop file). Many graphic or video editors should be able to use a PNG format. PSD (Photoshop file) can be opened using Photoshop or Photopea, which is a free web-based graphic editor. PSD files can give you some extra editing options, like changing colors, locations of layers and adding new effects.
  • Can These Stock Images Be Used In A Print Design?
  • Absolutely, the images come with a 300 ppi (pixels per inch) resolution that is optimal for printing.
  • Does The Product Come With A Video Or Graphic Editor?
  • No. These are just stock images and you'll need to have your own video or graphic editor to open these images and apply in your design, video, etc.
  • Is There Any Recurring Payment?
  • No. You'll get instant access to the Stock Images package for just a small one-time investment.
  • What's The Size Of The Product?
  • The product weighs collectively about 7.5 gigabytes. It's packed inside multiple ZIP files. Make sure you have fast internet connection and enough space on your hard drive.

To your success,
Elbama Putra & Lucas Adamski


P.S. You have absolutely, positively nothing to lose! With a 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee all the risk is on me. Try these amazing stock images for the next 60 days and then decide if it was worth the investment. Don't decide now!

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